The Ride of the Doomguard

Having established that models the scribe had a hand in sculpting do not count towards the expansion of the Lead Mountain, herein is presented for your perusal the first painted example of a Goblin Knight War Chariot, ready to mow down foes, or possibly come a cropper on one of those rather unfortunate boulders…

Rather than worry about the modern predilection for edge highlights and other such, this was daubed in a deliberately ‘Oldhammer’ manner, to suit its vintage styling, hopefully reminiscent of the old GW Machineries of Destruction.

The functionality of chariots in war is debatable, historically requiring a rather large flat area to operate, and with historians oft divided over exactly how they were utilized. Battle taxis for foot heroes, shock assault, or high status wheeled podium, all are posited at one time or another. This one will probably serve as a form of heavy cavalry: the Maximillian style plate armour worn by the Goblins doesn’t seem conducive to the Celtic art of running up the pole and show-boating.

The chariot and crew are available together or seperately from Alternative Armies. The bases were probably found in a bits box at a convention. Add the code ‘Danger’ to your order, and they will know you love me, and might throw me a scrap of rotting meat, or some old teeth.

*still no light box, and grimdark schemes are tricky to illuminate.

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4 thoughts on “The Ride of the Doomguard

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