Mustering Giants: Anti-Heroes test the light

Today a weary messenger approached the glooming pillar of cyclopean dread where the Lead Widow makes her lair. Steadfast ‘neath her withersome gaze, this stalwart hero in red caparison rendered unto the scribe a package wrapped in gleaming oilskin. Scuttling back to his hidden safehold deep in the guts of the mountain, our intrepid scribbler rent the parcel asunder to uncover the bright glowy goodness of…A LIGHTBOX.

Behold the night torn asunder. Also it’s solar-powered now, because environments.

Subsequently, very little of a constructive nature has occurred, as the ink-spreader has been much concerned with practicing taking images to best effect.

Our bilious old friend poses ‘Blue Steel’ style.

Lest ye be inundated solely with a multitude of repeated images, ad infinitum, here are a few practice shots of as yet unseen works in progress:

The Darkoath Warqueen (complete with broken axe-handle) and her statuesque compatriot, the Chaos Stormcast Lady Person (Must think of a better name)
I wasn’t going to show the Femcast Chaosmarite until she was fully done, but I’ve started now.
The moment GW became fully self-aware in an Ironic sense was with the release of a box of skulls. Or maybe they are oblivious. Either way, they make nice pads.
The Girlite Chaoscast isn’t alone. She’s got friends. Bigjobs. Need more skulls though.

Clearly there is still work to be done capturing images of grimdark paintjobs,but the clarity on the unpainted sigmarines (Stormcast Sequitors) suggests that quality is nevertheless improving. Really makes those mouldlines pop too. To the file!

Note ye well dear reader how the Chaosite Sigmarette (we have a winner) and her Darkoath sister and her Bigjob mates all ride old-fashioned square bases, despite being a brand new AoS miniature. Guess where her Round ended up?

I do it because I am perverse and contrary.

Tips and advice on the best way to capture Grimdark on film are welcome. Different backdrops maybe? More skulls? Even more non-standard bases? Maybe hexes, or just flat blobs, or lurid green cardboard squares…

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