Ranking up: Elves’ rock.

The newest addition to the servants of Khaine, god of murder, is the Regiment Leader from Marauder MB3. Suddenly inspired to raise the level of the second rank of miniatures in the nascent unit, it did not take long for a good rummage through the spoil heaps of abandoned (nay, merely pending) projects to find a suitable pride rock for him to mount.

Marauder Dark Elf Leader MMB3 pointing, with halberd
The true sign of a leader is the Prominent Digit

This particular miniature contains most of the significant features of the overall army scheme: the uniform-type coat, the Graeco-Roman crest, gold trimmed deep blue armour and pale skin.

Marauder Dark Elf Regiment MMB3 Leader and warrior group shot
Just enough height to be prominent.

The ghiavarina/halberd/polearm could probably do with a little more work, and as ever the photography is an ongoing learning process.

Marauder Dark Elf Warriors, Leader and Champion
Trying to get them to all glower at the same time was a total ‘mare

The next quandary is whither to paint next: More warriors, more command staff, or start a different unit? (Which opens up a whole other debate in itself.)

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