Goblin Knight Chariots: The Doomguard Cometh

After a flurry of rapid paint application to disguise new and suspiciously shiny metal from the penetrating gaze of the Widow, the Knightly Goblins (who ride under the Nom De Guerre of The Doomguard) have recently expanded their ranks. Like the beam of a warships searchlight, her roving eyes move on, unsuspecting. There will be no punishments this night.

As was discussed here the battlefield utility of the chariot is somewhat suspect, but it is undeniably an impressive sight. Even more so when they come in pairs.

Goblin Knight Chariots Alternative Armies Face On
Double trouble
Goblin Knight Chariot Alternative Armies left view
See the little goblin, see his little feet, see his little nosey wosey, isn’t the Goblin going to smash your bones to meal under the thundering wheels of his machinery of destruction*

The original sword from the crewman was cut away, and a hole wide enough to accept the lance was drilled. This particular lance has been purloined from a Chinese Warring States range. It’s a very simple conversion, and further chariots will likely get bows or other assorted items instead: a large and impressive banner might not go amiss, or perhaps a Crew swap for the FL2/4 Champion. If they turn out nicely, then this impecunious record-keeper might be persuaded to sculpt production versions…

Armoured Goblin Knight Chariot Alternative Armies Right Face
The chariot isn’t affixed to the base yet, so has a slight tendency to weeble….

Painting follows the same process as with the first machine,  laid out in a little more detail here.

Armoured Goblin Knight Chariots together, left view.
They see us rolling, they hatin…

From a game perspective, these two will be fielded for now as a Reduced Model Count Heavy Riders with the Chariots upgrade in Dragon Rampant, which essentially makes them slightly better armoured, but with poorer mobility. How they will perform is as yet unknown. As the Doomguard grows beyond the limitations of that ruleset, they are likely to end up either in a larger grouping, or on some form of movement tray, the better to fight in Oathmark (although whether chariots are actually a thing in that as yet unreleased game remains to be seen. They may end up as a proxy unit.)

The Goblin Knight Chariot is available in exchange for coin of the realm at Alternative Armies, alongside a (growing) range of other Armoured Goblin units and a huge variety of other fantasy metal (and sci-fi, and Weird Napoleonics and lord knows what else. Better yet, at least for this week, it’s on sale. Add the code ‘Danger’ when ordering, and a little light comes on on a desk somewhere, and blinks…slowly.

*They do indeed have faces, just well-hidden from the likes of thee.

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