The Eternal Elf

Age of Sigmar is change. Change is often bad. But with Age of Sigmar came the idea of 32mm round bases under fantasy figures, and that, it transpires, is actually good. Witness this:

Marauder Dark Elf, Greatsword
Dark Elf Champion (Marauder)

A classic pose of indomitable strength and justified arrogance, multiplied tenfold by the majesty of the new large base. Truly he stands unopposed facing forwards, & will brook no argument from transient apes, ready to lead his ranked and tidy warriors to victory…

So thank Age of Sigmar for liberating this model from the ignominy of languishing in unpainted limbo. The Widow is pleased, for the Mountain shrinks by one.

*still no light box. Just a precariously angled painting lamp.

**Advanced Heroquest established a precedent for Warhammer figures on rounds back before AoS was ever a thing, so silence, impudent mortals.

Edit: Even better, new/old information was recently discovered that silences all Swiftian dissent on the matter of square or round. Behold, and hold your peace, grumblers:

The use of round bases in warhammer is legit and always has been
Back in the first times

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4 thoughts on “The Eternal Elf

  1. Olly

    Of course now we need the royal mint to produce coins of low value to use as weighty magnetized upgrades to these new plastic fantastics. That is the way of the old ones.


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