Beards for the Beard God: Marauder Miniatures Dwarf Slayers

It should come as no surprise, gentle reader, that in a mountain riddled with delvings and workings, tunnels and pits, there dwell beings of a certain truncated nature, commonly known for their stereotypical love of gold, and their propensity for hirsute pursuits. I speak of course, of the Dwarf. A common staple of heroic fantasy, and almost omnipresent in wargaming and role-playing miniatures.

Particular to the Citadel/GW stable is the breed of dwarf known as Slayer. Signature marks include a general lack of clothing and an excess of hair, often worn in giant (increasingly so) mohicans.

warhammer fantasy roleplay book cover, dwarf slaying orc, fighter slays ogre
Positively understated hair here

Slayers in one form or another have persisted from Oldhammer, through Middlehammer into… Newhammer(?) But here we are (mostly) concerned with the Oldhammer variety.

10 oldhammer marauder dwarf slayers
Which?Hammer Caption Contest

In camera, there are still details to be finished, and basing is at best a placemarker until an Army-wide style presents itself, but the combination of white drybrush and Citadel Casandora Yellow on the hair seems to have worked spiffingly.

Closeup of dwarf slayers
Sneaking up in the back is controversy

Far more pressing an issue than from what period these various Hairy Berserks hail, is the question of whether slayers should wear armour. There is a school of thought that those seeking a heroic death should run wild and free, beard-clad alone. The scribe feels however, that this only leads to stupid and ignominious deaths. A true slayer should be able to shrug off the attacks of lesser beings, in order to face off against foes so huge and destructive that a layer of chain serves no meaningful purpose anyway.

Neatly arrayed in proper fashion.

Nevertheless, this small throng represents another tiny step towards the overall reduction of unpainted metal in the mountain. Sadly for her upstairs, lurking in her silken bonds of misery, it is likely that a quest will now begin to at least gather the rest of the Marauder set.

Update: Inquiry and investigation on the various Oldhammer Facebook groups has rendered the following information about the provenance of these fellows. From left to right, front to back, we have:

MM16/4, BC3 Dwarf Lords of Legend: Throbin Death-Eye & Kimril Giant-Slayer ( I told you the chainmail makes no difference.) ,MM16/6 & MM16/8

and at the back:

MM16/2, MM16/3, MM16/7

88091/57 Troll Slayer 1  (Credit to Michael Cassidy for this ID) & 8515A Dwarf Slayer (Citadel) **

MM16 Giant Slayers catalogue page

*oh lightbox, sweet lightbox, wherefore art thou?

**Citadel codes are an ever-changing monstrosity. MM codes are all Marauder Miniatures Giant Slayers, making this one tough unit.

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