Oathmark, Mithril, Em4,Citadel & Warmonger/Wargames Foundry, Reaper, Ral Partha, Alternative Armies Orc Comparison: Expanding the Bakshi Horde: Now with added Orc.

As a follow up to the previous introduction of the Bakshi Orc, and pursuant of several queries, here is a brief comparison of several Orc/Goblin miniatures from various manufacturers, from a selection of Orcs that happen to be scattered among the thoroughfares and foundries of the Lead Mountain, some of whom will be joining the ranks of the Bakshi warband, and some who serve different masters.

Height is not the most important consideration here, for Tolkien’s orcs come in more than one variety. Build and bulk are somewhat more important, as well as the exaggeration (or lack thereof) of pertinent features. All are based to the same thickness, on 25mm squares, except the Moria Goblin on a Citadel Slotta, and the Ruglud’s Armoured Orc on a transparent circle.

Four orcs from different manufacturers
From left to right: Em4 Spear-Orc, Mithril MM151 Mordor Orc, Oathmark Goblin, Em4 Orc Archer

The Mithril Orc sits well enough with both the Em4 and Oathmark figures. The weapons are comparable in size, and they even share a facial expression. The Oathmark figures are a little more sharply defined, which is to be expected as they are some decades newer, but at tabletop distance this is irrelevant. He stands just a tad taller than the Em4 due to his integral base, but would happily mix in well with either range. Incidentally, the sheer quantity of spare weapons in the Oathmark box are most useful for replacing old or missing weapons on other orcs. (Witness also the Oathmark shield on the Em4 spearman).

Orc Comparison 2
From Left to Right: Citadel LOTR Moria Goblin, EM4 Spear-Orc, MM151 Mordor Orc, Oathmark Goblin, Citadel RRD5 Ruglud’s Armoured Orc

The Oldhammer Citadel Orc (from RRD5 Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs) is of a size, but your mileage may vary depending on how much you like the lantern-jaw style. This is a little exaggerated by the green skin scheme: it might be less prominent in Bakshi Black (Blackshi?).  As a general rule though, the older a Citadel orc, the more varied the appearance. This one and his compatriots may yet receive a repaint to join the ranks. The GW Moria Goblin stands on a slightly elevated base. He is somewhat more stylized in the manner of his equipment, smaller and more delicate-looking than OM or EM4.

From Left to Right: Warmonger GOC13 Wobbly Blunderslip, EM4 Spear-Orc, MM151 Mordor Orc, Oathmark Goblin, GW Ork Boy.

The GW ‘Orc Boy’ is clearly far larger than the others, with a prominent stoop and  greatly exaggerated muscularity (oh yes, I know how you said it in your head, we all do.) and his weapons alone are nearly as big as some of the other orcs. (Please excuse the chainsword, he was originally intended to be a WH40k Snakebite Orc, but got painted as a Goff by accident.) He and his ilk might be the least suited to add to the ranks, as they are substantially different in style and build.

The Foundry Renaissance orc, Wobbly Blunderslip (I do not know, do not ask. Ask them) is clearly huge (such that he was painted as a small ogre) and wearing wildly inappropriate garb, but has joined the lineup to give a feel for how well the Foundry/Warmonger miniatures size up in general. They might serve as Uruk-Hai of one type or another, though like the Ruglud’s boy, they do tend towards the large jaw. He might be closer in size with his integral base removed, and he is clearly the most fashionably dressed of all orcs.

This scribe is open to suggestions of other Orc ranges that could be plundered to increase the ranks, and will happily add to the comparison as new ones appear.

Edit: Speaking of which, witness the addition of several ‘new’ Orcses to the ranks, and their comparative sizes…

various orcs for comparison purposes
AA Hobgoblin, OM Goblin, Reaper Bones Orc, Mithril Orc, Ral Partha Goblin

The AA Hobgoblin is stooped, and a bit of a knuckle-dragger, with a huge cleaver, and is a wonderful little sculpt, whilst the (Bob Olley sculpted) Bones orc has much better posture. (Interestingly, the term Hobgoblin is thrown  in to Tolkien’s legendarium, alongside Orc, goblin and Uruk, further adding to the debate as to which one is which. It seems that Tolkien himself was unsure of what he meant by Hobgoblin.) The goblin on the other end dates back to 1979, and has had his weapon arm repaired with an OM axe. (We did tell you they came with a lot of useful parts..) He is particularly diminutive; a Snaga  or some kind of tracker perhaps. He may also have tiny orcish genitalia, but our eyes are old now, and it is unclear.

5 orcs for comparison purposes
Reaper Bones Orc, OM Goblin, Reaper Bones Orc, Mithril Orc, Ral Partha Goblin

The Bones orcs are in the curiously bendy-yet-detail-retaining ‘bones’ plastic, and had minimal flash lines which were carved off very easily (though it is so soft that slippage could be potentially devastating, so have a care.) The Spear-Orc comes in a pack of 3, and similar packs exist of swordsmen and archers, whilst the larger fellow is a single miniature. These ones were acquired from Mighty Lancer Games of Brighton (UK) who carry a large range of Bones and Metal Reaper items. Opinions on Bones vary wildly across the gaming community, but perhaps the most obvious problem is the flaccid nature of some of the weapons they carry. Other Boners (sic) will be having their polearms replaced, both to solve their embarrassing droopiness and to help them mingle with their fellows.

4 orcs and a nazgul in a row
Reaper Bones Orc, Northstar Wraith, OM Goblin, Em4 Orc, Ral Partha Goblin

The Bones Orc matches the Nazgul in height, so will perhaps serve as a leader or Half-Orc. He does have a large Hand sculpted on his shield, so perhaps that will work out. Generally speaking, all of the Reaper Orcs in single packs are of a size with this one, whereas the multipack ones are more slight. The Em4 Orc has found a helmet from a Perry Miniatures halberdier of some sort.

Finally, here’s a comparative addition predominantly for Graham Green of Greygreen Customs, notorious Elf-wrangler, who has recently begun a quest for the better kind of Olog.

Mithril Cave Troll, OM Gobin, Ral Partha (Bob Olley) troll.
Mithril Cave Troll, OM Goblin, Ral Partha (Bob Olley) troll.

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