The Renegade: Dark Future in cyberspace

‘Gripping the wheel his knuckles went white with desire,
The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45,
True Death: 400 Horsepower of maximum performance piercing the night
This is Black Sunshine’

White Zombie, Black Sunshine, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One, 1992

Every road warrior needs his or her Immortan Joe; a Toecutter, a 400HP big block nemesis tearing up the White Line, ripping up the NoGo zones with maximum firepower and minimum due care and regard for other road users. With Redd Harvest , Sanctioned Operative done, it was high time that the homicidal warboys of the Lead Mountain picked up a sweet ride of their own.

Maniax Renegade Car, Dark Future, Games Workshop Side Left

Maniax Renegade, Black Sunshine

The hood and spoiler graffiti clearly identify this car as belonging to the Maniax gangcult, rolling with a Chaingun and 20mm grenade launcher on the front wing mounts. Based on the rear wing graffiti, the name of the vehicle would appear to be ‘Black Sunshine’, which is probably aspirational as this is definitely not a Mustang. It might equally be ‘Fuck Off’ though.

Maniax Renegade Car, Dark Future, Games Workshop Side Right

Plenty of jerry-cans should give this machine some legs, but are they full of guzzoline, Aqua-cola, or Mother’s Milk?

Eavy Metal Maniax Renegade Cars & bikes, Dark Future

An ‘Eavy Metal studio Maniax road-gang, by Sid. Note the use of mesh and wire to create a reinforced roll-cage.

The window-mesh is an etched brass offcut from an old Citadel scenic set, whilst the stowage was unearthed from random 15mm WW2 tank spares. Dark Future is ostensibly scaled to 20mm or thereabouts, but generally speaking a tarp is a tarp.

Maniax Renegade Car, Dark Future, Games Workshop Front view

The business end..

As with the ‘Nola Gay, we’ll throw this out to the Gaslands community and see what they come up with as a game build, bearing in mind that the weapon fit was chosen for entirely aesthetic purposes rather than efficiency or common sense.

Maniax Renegade Car, Dark Future, Games Workshop Top Rear View

View from the Kill-cam ‘copter…probably not a patriot.

‘But what of the titular Cyberspace?’, we hear the Zone-Dweebies and Swimmen-wimmen cry out from the Forbidden Zone…

Coming soon, to an internet near you…

Auroch Digital (who already have a pedigree with other esoteric GW properties like Chainsaw Warrior) will soon be releasing Dark Future: Blood Red States, and it should be no surprise that this Piston-head has been chewing on the tarmac in anticipation of some road-based combat since the Enderby Amendment of ’85 first allowed for private individuals to pursue law enforcement, (or since we Platinum-ed out Mad Max last year.) The beta-test weekend is fast approaching ‘like a slug from a ’45’, where it will no doubt distract us from doing any analogue hobbying, sleeping or self-care for the duration.

Black Sunshine and ‘Nola Gay together

Maybe the Widow won’t notice that we sawed up her spare tire to make shoulderpads. Maybe she’ll crucify us on the hood of a 1934 Chevy Coupe. Either way, we ride eternal to Valhalla!

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