Armoured Goblin Knight Officer Sword

Goblin Knight Chariots: The Doomguard Cometh

After a flurry of rapid paint application to disguise new and suspiciously shiny metal from the penetrating gaze of the Widow, the Knightly Goblins (who ride under the Nom De Guerre of The Doomguard) have recently expanded their ranks. Like the beam of a warships searchlight, her roving eyes move on, unsuspecting. There will be …

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The Ride of the Doomguard

Having established that models the scribe had a hand in sculpting do not count towards the expansion of the Lead Mountain, herein is presented for your perusal the first painted example of a Goblin Knight War Chariot, ready to mow down foes, or possibly come a cropper on one of those rather unfortunate boulders... Rather …

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How to grow the mountain under the guise of ‘business’ or ‘work’.

Even back when the Mountain was but a molehill, the young Scrivener was an avid accumulator of lead (and back then it really was lead) who purchased miniatures with no further rhyme nor reason than the rule of cool. If it looked good, it went on to the pile (Although as it was the 1980s, …

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