Common Wargaming Acronyms: The Priestly List: A lexicon.

Being a living dictionary of common acronyms, shorthand and other terms commonly used on this blog, and in wargaming parlance in general. Named for the (possibly apocryphal) tale of the ‘other’ shorthand for Warhammer 40k favoured by the above named wargaming celebrity: Warty Thou. Not to mention his obvious predilection for curious acronyms.

Red Book of the Elf King: ReBotEK, or maybe RBEK

BTGOA: Beyond the Gates of Antares

WH40k: Warhammer 40,000

WFB: Warhammer Fantasy Battle

WFRP: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Pronounced Wuffrup.)

KOW: Kings of War

DR: Dragon Rampant

PL: Pikeman’s Lament

LR: Lion Rampant

B&B: Burrows and Badgers

AoS: Age of Sigmar

FOW: Flames of War

IW: Industrial War

BoB: Back of Beyond

AT18: Adeptus Titanicus 2018 edition

PP: Privateer Press

RPG: RolePlay Game (or sometimes Rocket Propelled Grenade. Context will tell.)

LOTR & LOTR;SBG : Lord of the Rings & Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

MERP : Middle Earth Roleplay