Manufacturers, Shops & Purveyors of Gaming

Herein your scrivener shall attempt an ever-expanding list the numerous websites, webshops and web-related web-based webbery that is surprisingly uninteresting to the Widow, given her tendency to take the form of a huge and grumpy crystal spider and the prevalence of the word ‘web’. Now featuring real-world places too, some of which the Widow has invested with her chittering young. Each site may in time receive a full in-depth review, as time and the chitinous screeching horde allow (In no particular order of precedence, save that ultimate arbiter of order, the alphabet…)

Alternative Armies Logo

Alternative Armies A long time industry stalwart. Some of the earliest foundations of the Lead Mountain were based on AA products. Home of the controversial Fantasy Napoleonic game Flintloque, multiple fantasy ranges, 15mm Ion Age, Horde of the Things, and the re-released Fantasy Warlord range. Also purveyor of my own humble efforts at sculpting, expanding and re-working the Goblin Knights.

Ainsty Castings Logo

Ainsty Castings A huge range of resin scenic accessories for multiple genres, and hefty 28mm pirate ships

All Rolled Up logo

All Rolled Up Innovate Roleplay transportation solutions & accessories

Atlantis Miniatures Logo

Atlantis Miniatures A small but growing range of excellently sculpted Dwarves, Orcs, Mythological beasts & Trolls

Barwell Bodyworks Logo

Barwell Bodyworks Airbrush supplies, accessories and tutorials

Bad Squiddo Games Logo

Bad Squiddo Games Empirical evidence that the female of the species does in fact game and facilitate gaming extensively. An interesting emporium of believably attired female wargaming miniatures, and a smorgasboard of bits and add-ons, all collated by the redoubtable Annie Norman.

Bake, Battle and Roll logo

Bake, Battle and Roll Home-away-from-home of the Widow and her humble archivist, Doncaster’s only Boardgame cafe

Casting Room Games 9 German Renaissance Knights 28mm

Casting Room Miniatures A subsidiary of Bryan Ansell’s Wargames Foundry, extending their historical ranges, and offering some quirky fantasy efforts in the mix

Crom’s Anvil 15mm scenics and miniatures eminently suited to gaming the adventures of a certain barbarian. If you don’t shop here, to hell with you!

Denizen Miniatures Logo

Denizen Miniatures Mostly seeming to produce kits related to Formula 1 model kits, Denizen keep a select few true 25mm ranges tucked away on their site. They may be on the smaller side but they are nevertheless little gems. 

Dice Shop Online Dragon Logo

The Dice Shop Online In a wargaming world heavily populated with curious, unusual, unpronounceable or  seemingly utterly unrelated business names, the Dice Shop Online stands out as being totally prosaic, and exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a shop. Selling Dice. Online. 

Echidna Games are a ‘micro-brewery’ of fast, easy-to-learn wargames rules for sci-fi and fantasy, ideal for introducing errant Younglings the joy of wargaming.

Fenris Games Logo

Fenris Games Divinely crafted resin scenics, bases and assorted practicalities, importer of Bronze Age miniatures, & probably the most complete range of Cthulhu mythos-related figures in existence. Also fabulously strong. Like He-man strong. Powerful hands, like a Rock-biter

Flags of War Logo

Flags of War Flags are close to the heart of this Chronicler. You may have noticed. These ones are extremely pretty, and cover from the Medieval period right through to WW2, and fantasy, including many suitable for the kind of fantasy with dragons and fictionalised 100 Years War activity, and snow. 

Fox Box Logo

Fox Box Resin after-market parts for Da Boyz; Orks, Greenskins, and very friendly chatty people as well. (Never hurts, that.)

Footsore 28mm Dark Ages, Feudal Japan, WW1, Interwar & home to Mortal Gods & Gangs of Rome. Now merged with War Banner after that company fell victim to some frankly unsportsmanlike behaviour from ‘Big Gaming’.

Games Workshop Logo

Games Workshop Arguably the original root of the mountain, and one of the big boys on the block. Many love to hate them, many adore them, others harbour a secret desire for them. The scribe has recently dared to dabble his innocent toes back into the Hobby mire, and nothing has bitten him yet. Also Oldhammer is awesome. Still not got out of some bad habits though.

Greyed Out Dice Bag Sample Image

Greyed Out A beautiful range of hand-made dice bags in a mind-boggling + ever-expanding variety of prints and designs, with pockets and inside-bits, for RPGs, Wargames or just for keeping stuff in. Based in Georgia USA, ships world-wide.

Hasslefree Logo

Hasslefree Miniatures The interminably grumpy and superbly talented Kev White  creates sublimely wonderful sculpts, often of a slightly NSFW style, but definitely Safe for adding a whole set of sub-workings to the Lead Mountain. (SFAWSSWTLM?)  

Heresy Miniatures Logo

Heresy Miniatures Another alumni of the Great Beast of Lenton Mire, Andy Foster provides a wide range of weird things, including arguably the most arduous dragon ever made, and maggot men. Men who are also maggots. The armies of the Scribe have fought these things and they are truly ‘orrible in the best way imaginable. 

Krakon Games Logo

Krakon Games Oft found lurking near to the Dice-Bag Lady. Sculptor/Purveyor of a great deal of Fungus-related weirdness, niche items and general oddity. I mostly go here for the Party-Lizards which some name Fimir, of which Krakon produce an ever-increasing variety, who appear in a review here.  

Laser Cut Architect Graphic

LaserCut Architect super-detailed MDF buildings for sci-fi and fantasy, and innovative faux-book item holders

Lucid Eye Logo

Lucid Eye  We mostly come here for the Elvess, precious. Publishers of The Red Book of the Elf King (by Rick Priestly), with miniatures to match, among other things of equally eye-catching delight. 

Mantic Producers of 28mm plastic & metal miniatures and games, including arguably the most popular successor to WFB – Kings of War & its skirmish variant Vanguard, The Hellboy, Dungeon Saga and Walking Dead games & a deeply intriguing range of terrain and furniture in the style of the classic Heroquest furniture.

Mighty Lancer Games LMW affiliate, stockist of boardgames, RPGs, scale model kits, Reaper Miniatures, GW and a vast array of other products.

Mithril Miniatures

Mithril Miniatures A venerable producer of collectible true-scale (32mm) miniatures from the world of J.R.R Tolkien. Mithril maintain a limited catalogue of codes, so eventually everything here will be replaced by other newer designs, and these are intended to be collectors items and occasional roleplay tokens. Surely only a Fool of a Took would even attempt to collect an army made up of these? This Took has two….

Mierce Miniatures

Mierce Miniatures Unpronounceable Midlanders create huge range of resin and metal beasties and warriors in a sort of Slainesque Dark Age manner. Great detail, bit fiddly, this Scribe has an army of them and he DID NOT THINK IT TOO MANY! 

Northstar Logo

Northstar Military Figures A great big heap of ranges, historical, fantasy and sci-fi, including the Oathmark plastics, Saga, & Frostgrave, Copplestone and sundry others.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier produce 28mm metal Nightfolk (deliciously Froudian goblinoids), Beardfolk(suspiciously short bearded fellows), and Time Robbers (also suspiciously short, larcenous but well-meaning assistants of the Creator)

Oakbound Studios Logo

Oakbound Studios Characterful Froudian (the artist) 28mm minis and skirmish rules for Fantasy & Post-apoc.

Oathsworn logo

Oathsworn Creators of Burrows and Badgers, 28mm Anthro-Skirmish. If Redwall had a warband-level skirmish set, this would be it. Animals of Farthing Wood..with AXES

Outpost Logo

The Outpost Wargames shop based in Sheffield, and incidentally affiliated with the LMW site. Suitable for many requirements at good discount. Also open for in-store gaming.

Privateer Press Logo

Privateer Press Purveyors of Steam-powered (and monster-drive) tabletop brutality in Warmachine and Hordes respectively. Here’s a secret: The widow is rather good at this game, although the recent trend for using paper cutout scenery has been weighed, measured, and found to be a bit crap really. Still and all, a solid range of miniatures, now that some of the odder inconsistencies of scale have been ironed out. 

River Horse Logo

River Horse An ever-increasing stable of classic and famous licenses in boardgame form, including Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and My Little Pony

Skull & Crown Logo

Skull and Crown Miniatures An attractive line of Undead miniatures, homage to the Valley of the Four Winds Minifigs skeletons, the elite woodcutting skills of a fellow named Durer, and other such medieval art. Now with Killer Medieval Bunnies too.

Wargames Foundry

Wargames Foundry Another one of the big boys, with a vast range of historical 28mm (and sometimes 25mm) covering pretty much every staple wargames era.

Warlord Games Logo

Warlord GamesPurveyors of Bolt Action (28mm WW2), Black Powder (28mm Musket/pike), Hail Caesar (28mm Ancients), and sundry other ranges, including new kid on the block Fantasy Skirmish Warlords of Erehwon, which has piqued our interest.

Warmonger Miniatures Logo

Warmonger Miniatures  A subsidiary of Wargames Foundry, consisting in the main of a large selection of orcs, some in a classic fantasy style, others of a Renaissance variety, all of them chunky and archetypal.