Publications and Printed Media of Disinterest to the Widow

Print Media is not dead, but it does take up a lot of room in the various archives and libraries of the Lead Mountain. So much so that if it wasn’t for the metal, this blog could be called Paper Mountain Widow. Find here, weary traveler, a list of the various magazines related to your interests, some still extant, some not so much. 


Miniature Wargames  One of what the scribe considers the ‘big three’ of Historical/non GW gaming, covering a large number of different systems, subjects and periods. Usually themed around a specific period or genre in each issue.

Wargames Illustrated Another of the big three, and one of the longest running. Again, covers a broad church of subjects. Caused controversy among some readers by dabbling in Sci-Fant. (This author thinks outrage about that is ridiculous though, because it is.)

  • Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy
    Youngest of the Big Three and equally varied. Particularly good reviews, and a clever ‘All the people who make X’ list for each theme. Some interesting insight articles from known industry moguls too.

White Dwarf The In-house magazine for Games Workshop products, with a long and (mostly) venerable pedigree. Old issues are of particular nostalgic value, and the further back one delves, the broader the subject matter.

  • Tabletop Gaming
    Relative newcomer, predominantly covering board games, with some insights into miniatures. Often hidden in the Computer gaming section of WH Smiths, for no obvious reason.
  • No Quarter
    In-house magazine for Privateer Press, mostly concerning its flagship systems, WarMachine and Hordes. Recently defunct, to be replaced with online content.

Launched in 1976, expired in print in 2007, with its digital successor ending in 2013, Dragon was the In-House magazine for all things Dungeons and Dragons related, from TSR. Reams of interesting plot settings, articles and characters for any system, if one is willing to tweak stats.

GM – The Independent Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine
A relatively short-lived independent Gaming/Roleplay mag that used to reside near the White Dwarf in shops. Fond, if faded memories of great articles, and high on the list to re-acquire for the archive.