Games the Widow Will never play (and some she will.)

Hereafter we list all the games that, if not played under the Mountain, are certainly owned, anticipated, or enjoyed in some fashion by the Scribe, if not his Terrible Mistress. In the fullness of time, all will be tested and reviewed or at least discussed in lowered voices, lest she hear…

Dragon Rampant: From stalwart rule-generator Dan Mersey, a miniature-agnostic Fantasy skirmish game in the style of old greats like Horde of the Things.

Lion Rampant: Medieval Cousin of Dragon Rampant

Warhammer 40,000: The big bad grimdark elephant in the room. Your mileage per edition may vary, but the sheer depth of fluff alone is mind-blowing. Commonly monikered ’40k’, but rumour has it the original author favoured ‘Warty Thou’. Recently, the Paper Tunnels of the Lead Mountain have acquired a thick layer of Black Library publications, many of which are surprisingly good.

Warhammer 40,00 Killteam: Skirmish iteration of 40k, squad-sized units with great scope for personalization. Benefits from a miniscule model count.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Arguably the most influential rank&flank Fantasy mass battle system. Sometimes accused of being a little derivative around the fluffy bits, but greatly beloved by many. Somewhat hampered by it’s massive price-point, unless the prospective WFBer shops clever.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Contentious successor to WFB, plagued in its early days with silliness, but apparently maturing a little. The background leaves a lot to be desired, but many of the models are very nice sculpts, and they are commonly available.

Burrows and Badgers: If Redwall had a warband-level skirmish set, this would be it. Anthropomorphic joy. Animals of Farthing Wood..with AXES.

Frostgrave: Brainchild of another industry regular, Joseph.A Mcullough. Think Mordheim at Christmas, with current miniature and ongoing rule support, and you won’t go to far a(Snow)drift. The miniature range is pretty nice, and the plastics are cheap and useful.

Gaslands: Remember when Dark Future came out, and people just went Mad (Max) on Matchbox cars? That, if it had a dystopian baby with The Running Man.

Kings of War: Spiritual successor of Warhammer FB, with the ultimate expression of love for the square base: the Multi-base.

The Pikeman’s Lament: Another Mersey offering, using broadly the same engine as Dragon Rampant, but aimed at the Pike and Shot era.

Flames of War: 15mm WW2 and more recently Semi-Modern conflicts like Vietnam and What-Might-Have-Been Cold War. Tiny tanks en masse.

Oathmark: Coming soon, J.A.M is currently nurturing a Tolkienesque mass battle system in his fecund mindparts. Brief tasters bode well, and the miniature support so far is fantastic.

Escape the Dark Castle: A boardgame in the best traditions of Nostalgic Stalwarts like Heroquest, everyone trapped in the dank under-delvings of the Mountain has recently fallen in love with this simple, but not simplistic game.