Multifarious Projects To Be Completed

In no particular order of precedence or level of completion, herein is a list of all the many armies or projects that reside in mounds, piles, sumps or sometimes cabinets scattered around the realm of the Widow, with notation for which game they are intended. It is likely incomplete, as each time the list is reviewed, another project is recalled.

  • Savage Barbarians of Extreme Naughtiness (DR)

A small warband, firmly in the style of Frazetta and Ciruelo, with a strong emphasis on the Conanesque. Mostly made up of Mierce and Hasslefree miniatures, with choice models added as they are found from any manufacturer that makes suitable Barbarian-style miniatures. Probably not safe for work.

  • The Infectious Servants of Jolly old Uncle Nurgle in Space (WH40k)

A Death Guard army in the new style, because it seems a shame to have spent years trying to paint dirty white armour, finally getting it, and not actually having any models to use it on.

  • The River Dwarves (OM, DR, WHFB)

A slow side project, adding a dwarf here or there as they show up, mostly concentrating on the original Marauder sculpts, but based around a Dwarf Lords of Legend set acquired during the Citadel Skulls program. (The UK one. If I was American, this would be an Adeptus Mechanicus army instead.)

  • The Goblins of Bakshi (OM, DR)

Originally a Dragon Rampant project using cheapo orcs from EM4, rapidly becoming a horde painted in a manner sympathetic to the rotoscoped stylings of Ralph Bakshi.

  • The Doomguard (OM, DR)

In gaming terms, an extension of the Bakshi Horde. In real terms, a classic Alternative Armies range, which this fumble-fingered putty-stuffer has had the privilege of expanding upon.

  • Savage Elves of the Wild Woods (OM, DR)

As the Orc horde of Bakshi grows out of hand, decisions were made about creating a counter-force for them, initially using leftover Shieldwolf miniatures, and moving into other elf ranges ‘for the larger Sylvan’.

  • The Bright Empire of Immryr (DR)

A vanity project using the now antique Melnibonean/Eternal Champion range released long ago by GW for their version of Strombringer RPG.

  • The Armies of Gondor and Rohan (OM)

An exercise in limitations, this army (also intended to counter the Bakshiite orcs) is entirely Mithril Miniatures.

  • Evil Coal-Eating Cryxian Legion (Warmachine)

For a while, this Miner of the Underdark dabbled in Warmachine. Many armies were stopped and started, bought and discarded, but the original Cryx force has stayed intact.

  • The Chittering Skaven of Clan Skrounge (AoS, DR)

In the style of the Great Horned Rat (Andy Chambers), this cheese-thieving warpstone-nibbler has taken his classic Skaven, and started to give them a bit of an update

  • The Arrogant Dark Elves  of Naggaroth (AoS, DR)

The Pseudo-Macedonian Marauder Miniatures Elves of Trish and Aly Morrison, with some nice new hangers on.

  • The Imperial Japanese Army circa 1925-30 (IW)

Despite a vast swathe of historical manufacturers covering everything from Hawaiian tribes to the Grenadier Guards, nobody makes a WW1-era Japanese army. So we did.

  • The Grand Chinese Warlord army of the Catfood Admiral (IW)

The Catfood Admiral is sometime enemy of the Japanese, sometimes ally, almost entirely Copplestone Castings.

  • The Phalanx of Ancient Greece (OM, KOW Historical, Mortal Gods)

The problem with Hoplites is that you can’t just have one.

  • The Knights of St John, the Hospital of Malta (PL, DR)

During the Wars of Religion, the Knights of Malta fought a stirring defence against the Ottoman army. Inspired in part by this, in part by familial connections to the Order, and in part by having more Knights, this army is intended to reflect that period, if not that particular battle.

  • Skellingtons en masse (OM, DR)

Nobody with a Skellington army needs to be justified. Technically there are four here now, and nobody is quite sure how to mix them up, or keep them seperate, or what.

  • Genestealer Cult Killteam (WH40k Killteam)

A side project to practice OSL and grimdark blacks.

  • Valley of the Four Winds Skeletons (DR)

See? More Skellingtons. These ones are Minifigs, very old, and a response to the recent release of the Triumph Of Death miniature range of old-school Skeletons, created prohibitively far away from the Lead Mountain

  • Valley of the Four Winds Barbarians (DR)

Over the years, assorted minifigs that are not dead have turned up, and are slowly coagulating into a warband

  • Creatures of Elmet (Burrows & Badgers)

Elmet is the historical term for the region of England where the Mountain stands, so it stands to reason that any warband of Angry Otters and Vicious Hares would hail from there, not any silly Northymbra place.

  • Fimir Lords of the Bog & Mist (DR/OM)

Because sometimes painting 28mm is tiresomely slow, it’s nice to do some bigjobs once in a while. Mostly the fault of Krakon Games.

  • Crimson Fists (WH40k)

This will likely end up the repository for all manner of Imperial Forces, based around a core of Marines, with whatever other things which appeal tacked on.

  •   The Titans of Legio Fureans (The Tiger Eyes) (AT2018)

Although it started out as a bit of a break, it’s quite likely this one will grow to at least Maniple size.

  • Warband of the Eternally crafty and misleading God of Change

Everyone should have an army of Tzeentch, as painting things however the hell you like, with no regard for what a thing actually is, can be quite cathartic and liberating. Also a good use for those dusty pots of bright colours that sometimes get used as highlights, but mostly don’t