The Eternal Elf

Age of Sigmar is change. Change is often bad. But with Age of Sigmar came the idea of 32mm round bases under fantasy figures, and that, it transpires, is actually good. Witness this: A classic pose of indomitable strength and justified arrogance, multiplied tenfold by the majesty of the new large base. Truly he stands …

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Side angle view Khinerai Lifetaker swoops

Constructing Khinerai: Daughters of Khaine ‘Harpy’ Dark Elves

The Lead Widow's Mountain is generally miniature and system agnostic*. If a range or game has ever struck the fancy of the scribe, then nothing can prevent it from becoming part of the mouldering mounds of incomplete projects, not war, death, famine, fire, or the towering fury of the incomprehensibly vast arachnid in her lair. …

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