Krakon Games ‘Fomorian’ under the Widow’s Gaze: A review.

Many and multifarious are the miniature ranges that gather in the dark and boggy places of the Lead Mountain, and eventually the baleful eyes of the Widow will fall upon them all.

Krakon Games * is the gibbering mud-spattered mind-spawn of Ross Whitehorn, who is on a sworn crusade to create as many strange and gribbly niche beings as he possibly can. Lurking amongst Gnomes unnumbered and Mushrooms innumerable, Sci-Fi space adventurers and assorted weird little gribbly things are his take on the classic Citadel model: the Fimir.

These monoptical swamp monsters lurched into the Old World in the late 80s, and due to a curious combination of ill-thought-out and problematic backstory and poor communications over scale, mostly lurched back out of it again not long after, except in the memories of ardent Oldhammerites and players of MB Games Heroquest. ** The legendary tale is amply recorded here.  Due to their lack of functionality as an army and their limited production, they are much sought after and fondly remembered, despite their problematic background***

The Krakon Fomor pays detailed homage to the original vision and their pseudo-Celtic look, favouring the ‘large based model’ variation. A Fomorian backstory is available here

Krakon Games Fomor Fimir King Painted Pointing
Indech, Fomorian King

At the time of writing the range contains 3 warrior models, two spell-casters and two noble characters, as well as some associated trolls and lesser creatures, but the Scribe has it on good authority that the range is being expanded. Most recently the range now includes separate heads and tails, perfect for converting other large monsters.

Baleful and Cyclopean. You would be full of bale too, if your depth perception was shot to shit like his.

Resin-cast, Mr Whitehorn applies scrupulous quality control standards to his models. The Scribe has witnessed what Ross disparagingly calls ‘miscasts’, the quality of which surpasses what some other manufacturers call ‘finished product’.

The back armour has as much detail as the front

Indech wears armour intricately decorated with whorls and curlicues which have lost not one iota of detail in the casting. There was at best some mild flash, which all but brushed off by hand. Assembly was straightforward, as only the tail and head require attaching.

Size comparison: A Slayer on 25mm, the Fomor on a 40mm, and a Dark Elf on a 32mm Round

The Scribe cannot fault the service of Krakon Games, and  the Widow, notorious for her spiteful tongue and biting satirical wit has bemoaned the rapidity of his postage and quality of his product, and how likely it is to multiply in her realm. They are well worth the groats, substantially less costly than metal Fimir or the recent Forgeworld offerings, and Fimir or Fomor, a great addition to the all-conquering hordes.

Fomor Fimir Warriors 3 Unpainted

Indech and his minions will be serving in Dragon Rampant, the long-awaited Oathmark (where their Celtic-style appearance will compliment the Pseudo-Dark Age setting well). The Scribe is told that Fomor also proxy well as Ogres in Kings of War, which has set this ones mind to pondering…

*It’s well worth browsing the website at Krakon just for crazy stuff to stick on bases. They also have a Facebook and a Fan Facebook with an impenetrable name, and Mr Whitehorn can oft be spotted peddling suspicious little bearded fellows at conventions, sometimes in the company of that scurrilous merchant Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games

**The Scribe often wonders how Fimir got into a children’s boardgame. Was it a masterful troll, or oblivious marketeering?

***In future, this scrivener may lay out in full his thoughts on the problematic mythology appended to the original Fimir. Suffice to say that for now, he believes that whilst it may be NSFW, R-Rated stuff, it fits well with the darker aspects of real-world mythology from all over the globe, which frankly makes the Grimdark look like Equestria.

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