Mithril Miniatures Warg Riders: The Demon Wolves of Middle Earth Ride Forth to join the Bakshitsu Host

Summoned forth from the goblin-infested halls of the Lead Mountain to support their more lumpen brethen is a unit of Warg Riders. (Though it occurs to this scribe that Wargs are possessed of intelligence and language, so it might be more accurate to describe them as ‘Wargs who thought to bring a packed lunch’.) Much time and energy was spent accruing enough of these figures to build a viable unit, as they are all now Out Of Production at Mithril miniatures.

5 Mithril miniatures Warg Riders
‘Where the warg howls, there also the orc prowls.’

M314 (in the helmet) and M315 are standard production casts, albeit one has had a hand/weapon swap with an Oathmark goblin dagger. The standard bearer is a conversion of the Salute Zero 8 convention miniature, sawn off at the waist and torso-swapped with an orc footsoldier, carrying a standard built from a Roman Vexilium and an old goblin spear-head. Ironically for a leader-type miniature he is far more common than his fellows, and thus a better victim for the razor-saw.

The gathering horde as it now stands, arrayed for Oathmark

It remains to be seen exactly how units, individuals and characters will operate under the Oathmark rules, so it may be the case that the Nazgul fight as a pair, or as a unit with other Nazgul, or perhaps as unit leaders of some description. However 9 tends not to be a useful number in many wargames. Perhaps 8 and the Witch-King?

The creeping feet of future units lurk in the rear…
Arrayed as a Dragon Rampant Warband

At a rough guess, the Warband should figure thusly: 1 unit of Light Missiles, 1 unit of Light Foot, 1 unit of Heavy Foot, 1 unit of Light Riders and 1 unit of Elite foot. Ideally it would be fielded at a points value high enough to dole out some scary magicks to make the Wraith unit particularly dangerous.

‘We’re going to need a bigger pine cone…’ 

There are a couple more Mithril Warg riders that were produced, and if they ever turn up, they will be recruited with alacrity. The Lead Mountain Scribe welcomes news of their whereabouts.

Like as not, future units of Wargs will most likely be made up of the Oathmark Goblin wolf-riders due to be released at some point in the near future. When they are, be sure dear reader that they will grace these darkened halls with great immediacy. One hopes they will compare as favourably as the infantry variety.  

Currently slouching their way towards the Lead Mountain from Mighty Lancer games in Brighton are a selection of Reaper Bones Orcs. When they arrive, they will be added to the Comparison page.

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